Artist Statement

Healing Art

Childhood with my abusive father’s violence, I suffered from anger and depression. As an artist, this experience has influenced me to create series of paintings and drawings with a theme of family and home. In addition to my childhood hardship, I recently had a battle with breast cancer which made me start creating a body of work that reflects my physical pain, emotional struggle, and fear.

Although the inspirations come from my dark experiences and memories, I express bright and warm colors with uncontrolled strokes that almost remind children’s drawings created without any consciousness of making a masterpiece. I also use a variety of materials without any restriction, besides a canvas and drawing paper, I use any materials that I can just grab from my daily life, such as, instant coffee, strings, packing paper, tapes, and fabrics. Using these materials create more depth and texture in my work.

To create images on my drawings or paintings, I add humor, sarcasm or exaggeration which seems to be the opposite of my emotional or physical status. This allows me to dream of love and hope during the difficult time that I experience. The hope, love, and warmth that I depict in my work are what I would like to remind myself and to share with my audiences who might have gone through their own dark and hard time. I believe one of the artist's responsibilities is to express the world or heart in which people cannot express. Although it is impossible to change the world with a piece of art, the goal of my painting is to convey the daily feeling of liberation and hope to the people suffering from loneliness and despair.